Time management and nation building

When our day is done, we all sleep; but as inescapable as that is, there is one more inevitability: While the Botswana leadership was collectively focused and had a vision of what it wanted to do with the country, the leadership in Somalia was divided against itself.

And in many instances, there is a discrepancy between what is written on paper and what people do in practice. We need a leadership that will not only leave its foot-prints on the sands of time, but one, which by dint of hard-work, fairplay, dedication and commitment, will live forever in the hearts of Nigerians.

The print he received of the ship, with the letter from management attached on the back, hang on my bedroom wall.


Life is far too short, and our accountability to an almighty God far too serious, not to make the most of our days. Enterprise, CVN, is slated to sail in Nation-building is a collective responsibility and I would like again to salute Justice Akanbi for standing up to be counted in this important respect.

Firstly, there are the personal qualities of integrity, honesty, commitment, and competence of individual leaders at the top. Today, this patchwork of reservation and non-reservation land is called "the checkerboard" area.

Time Management

Somalia also went to war with its neighbours. Here again, there is little by way of consensus. Specialized in HR and Payroll Management, we have proven track record of above successful installations in the Kingdom. After all, a tree cannot make a forest, and an individual leader cannot do everything alone.

We must not relent in this struggle for quality leadership as it is the key to building our nation. Nation-building has many important aspects. Firstly, to honour Honourable Justice Mustapha Akanbi, a distinguished jurist, and an outstanding public servant who has served this country well as a classroom teacher, judge and the Chair of ICPC.

A largely marginalized citizenry, increasingly crippled by poverty and the lack of basic needs, can hardly be expected to play its proper role in the development of the nation. Nation-building never stops and true nation-builder never rest because all nations are constantly facing up to new challenges.

Secondly, even in those parts of the country that are relatively better off, the level of social provision Time management and nation building protection is still low by world standards. They will never accomplish truly great things in this life, because their lives lack the stability, substance and weight of a person for whom the future holds greater promise than the past and present.

Beyond the qualities of individual leaders, however, there is the equally important question of the quality of the collective leadership offered by the Nigerian elite class as a whole.

It was almost as if these were two separate countries, held together only by a shared currency and transportation system. For example, you can read your email, browse the latest news headlines and check your stock portfolio on your palm pilot while sitting in a drive-through ordering breakfast and barking orders to your subordinates on your cell phone.

His plan has been unfolding since the beginning of what we call time. The third ship of the class, the U. I shall return to the imperatives of institution-building later in this presentation. The Challenge of History The historical legacies of colonial rule create some challenges for nation-building in Nigeria.

Peter Drucker suggests three activities that might help busy leaders in dealing with time: Eloho Otobo United Nations for their help in the preparation of this presentation.

The Nation will recruit qualified personnel from within and outside of the Nation in accordance with applicable laws. Instead, each region threw up its own champions. In today's world, skills, industriousness, productivity, and competitiveness are the determinant factors of national greatness.

Many members of the Nigerian elite class in the s and s had their education and world outlook moulded by the regional institutions. We must not relent in this struggle for quality leadership as it is the key to building our nation.

Secondly socio-economic inequalities across the country fuels fears and suspicious which keep our people divided. Above all else, however, nation-building is about building a common sense of purpose, a sense of shared destiny, a collective imagination of belonging. In the various attempts since, members found the process to be too cumbersome and a potential threat to tribal self-determination, as the constitution was supposed to be reviewed and approved by BIA.

As I have argued at the beginning, nations are a product of the human will and imagination and the institutions that sustain their collective efforts. As a result, Botswana learnt to harness its limited resources for generally agreed objectives.

Nigeria needs a social contract with its citizens as a basis for demanding their loyalty and support. As we grow older, we look back and wonder where the time has gone.Since the time of Adam Smith, every serious nationalist and politician has come to know that the wealth of a nation is not based on the wealth and opulence of its rulers, but on the productivity and industriousness of its citizenry.

Host Nation, Federal, State, and Local Environmental Laws and Regulations Time Management. Structured Self Development Level I. 3. Nation Building through Stability Operations Describe the Stewardship of RM Program to the Commander Describe the POM Formulate MTOE/TDA.

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Time management means working efficiently, and employers in every industry look for staff who can make optimal use of the time available to them on the job. Saving time saves the organization money and increases revenue.

Time management and nation building
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